Cheat (Non-Stim Weightloss)
Cheat (Non-Stim Weightloss)

Cheat (Non-Stim Weightloss)

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Glaxon Cheat Can:

  • Improve Blood Sugar Levels
  • Shuttle Carbohydrates into the Muscle
  • Aid in Weight Loss
  • Minimize Fat Storage
  • Enhance Exercise Performance
  • Support Brain Health and Performance

Maximize Carbohydrates While Minimizing Fat Storage

Who doesn’t love carbs? Unfortunately, if you look down and see a little extra weight around your midsection hiding your abs, it could be due to consuming an excess amount of carbohydrates and having them stored as fat. The good news is that there’s now a way to maximize those carbohydrates you love so much without turning them into body fat, and it’s accomplished through the help of a glucose disposal agent called Glaxon Cheat.

Glaxon Cheat is the perfect non-stimulatory companion to your weight loss program as it helps increase insulin sensitivity, increase the activity of glucose transporters, and opens the floodgates of nutrient transit due to optimizing blood flow.

With Glaxon Cheat, you have the ability to make carbohydrates work for you instead of against you. Through the specific ingredients used in Cheat, this glucose disposal agent can shuttle the carbohydrates you consume into your muscles as glycogen rather than into fatty tissue, which not only provides you with the ability to fuel your workouts, but it’s also more forgiving on your waistline and overall body fat.

While this product is not an excuse to eat horribly all day, every day, it does provide you the ability to have a cheat meal or high-carb meals without the worry of blowing your diet and gaining excessive weight.

Why would you take this product? 

Have you ever had a cheat day that absolutely ruined your diet? That is why Glaxon Cheat was formulated. Maybe you even decided to carb-load before a strenuous leg day by having a few bowls of pasta before the big day--again, that's a perfect situation to take Cheat! Cheat is here to help turn all of the extra carbohydrates into glycogen instead of stored body fat!

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