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Anyone who is even remotely health-conscious will immediately recognize the importance of protein. Sure, powdered proteins are commonplace, with nearly every single supplement brand proudly showcasing their own, but are you into that basic life? Day in, day out, the same proteins over and over. Chocolate and vanilla forever. Is this what your life has become?


At Blackstone Labs, we know that our adoring fans don’t settle for routine. We know we never have to awkwardly ask you “Are you down?” This is why we are spicing things up and throwing a new element into the mix with 3-Whey.


Get down with that swirl with our newest protein blend. While most others are keeping it basic with a single type of protein, 3-Whey boasts a threesome of protein, all at the same damn time.

The three work together to create a timed release of protein as your body digests it, creating an Eiffel Tower of growth. This starts with the smallest peptide, Whey Protein Hydrolysate. After that comes Whey Protein isolate, which is only slightly larger, followed by Whey Protein Concentrate. The blend was created this way to allow immediate protein synthesis to begin, the process by which cells create new protein in the body. 3-Whey starts off hard and fast before climaxing into a monster load of protein for your body to put on pounds with, spit roasting away subcutaneous fat.


We recognize that a lot of people are put off by the taste of protein as they try and swallow it down, which is why we have come up with a new suite of unique flavors that will have you high-fiving your bros every time you get into a new 3-Whey.

Double team your fitness goals with good nutrition and increases in muscle mass by giving 3-Whey a try!


Protein is a key factor for anyone even remotely interested in achieving and maintaining a healthy physique. If your goal is to put on size and mass, you may also be interested in our DHEA blends, which are excellent tools in adding pounds of lean muscle to your body. These include Chosen1, Brutal 4ce, and Abnormal.


If health and wellness is of more interest to you, go ahead and couple 3-Whey with Juiced Up to meet all of your daily dietary needs. You could also try taking 3-Whey alongside of Resurgence to make sure that muscle catabolism is nonexistent, keeping your body lean and hard while cutting fat.


3-Whey has been included in a few of our stacks. Ordering a stack is a great way to get all of the products you will need to accomplish a goal all in the same order, while saving money on both the individual products themselves, but also shipping.


The Starter Lean Stack is great for anyone who is looking to attain that leaner, more defined look.

The Starter Mass Stack is more geared for people who want to put pounds on the scale and make insane gains in both size and strength.


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