Cheat (Non-Stim Weightloss)
Cheat (Non-Stim Weightloss)

Cheat (Non-Stim Weightloss)

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Glaxon Cheat is a pre-meal non-stim weightloss formula that was designed with you in mind to get the most out of the foods you eat while minimizing the potential drawbacks of putting on excessive weight. Glaxon has utilized various ingredients to make the body more sensitive to insulin and allow the absorption of glucose and storage as glycogen. Carbs aren't necessarily "bad", but when weightloss is the goal, and you know you're about to indulge, you've gotta "cheat" your way to success with a GDA supplement like Cheat!


Why would you take this product? 

Have you ever had a cheat day that absolutely ruined your diet? That is why Glaxon Cheat was formulated. Maybe you even decided to carb-load before a strenuous leg day by having a few bowls of pasta before the big day--again, that's a perfect situation to take Cheat! Cheat is here to help turn all of the extra carbohydrates into glycogen instead of stored body fat!

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