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Amplify your lean mass with a lean mass amplifier – Ntel Pharma Alphazine. Alphazine is a hardcore supplement designed to add mass while maintaining a lean physique.

Product Highlights

  • Amplified growth of lean body mass
  • Amplified strength and intensity
  • Amplified stamina and muscular endurance
  • Amplified athletic performance

Alphazine in a completely natural supplement that will not suppress natural testosterone levels which is a drawback of other supplements of this caliber. Only two ingredients, but both are designed to elevate performance and lean gains.

Ingredient Breakdown

5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin

Laxogenin is a plant compound that increase protein synthesis and decreases protein breakdown. Not only that, but it will enhance recovery and growth by inhibiting cortisol.

7-Methoxy IsoFlavone

Increases testosterone levels, blocks estrogen. Adds to the ability of Laxogenin to increase protein synthesis and recovery to promote more muscle gain.